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Vape2Safe Reusable Fuse

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1 - What is the VapeSafe 2 HD/Lite and what does it do?

The VapeSafe 2 HD/Lite is a safety device that adds an in-line fuse for any circular battery with a diameter of 16 mm or more. The VapeSafe 2 HD/Lite attaches magnetically on the negative terminal of the battery and trips when the current drawn out of (or in to) the battery exceeds a certain amount. The VapeSafe 2 HD/Lite is designed to be used in Mods and devices with high current (IMR) batteries.

2 - How much current can the VapeSafe2 HD/Lite handle?

The VapeSafe 2 HD is rated for a "hold current" of 3.5 amps. This means that 3.5 amps can be passed through the VapeSafe 2 HD safely (and continuously) without tripping it. The VapeSafe 2 Lite is rated for a current of 2 amps. That means 2 amps can be passed safely through it without tripping it.

3 - How is the VapeSafe2 HD/Lite different from the VapeSafe1?

The VapeSafe2 HD/Lite contains a PTC fuse which can be tripped more than once, so it does not have to be replaced each time it is tripped. The VapeSafe 1 is disposable and must be replaced after it trips.

4 - Should I get the HD or Lite version of the VapeSafe 2?

We developed the Vapesafe 2 Lite to enable the option of adding the safety of a reusable fuse to your vaping experience is more affordable. For most day-to-day applications, the VapeSafe Lite is an excellent option. For Modders (i.e. those building the VapeSafe 2 onto a mod) or users that have more demanding application, for instance those that used dual-coil cartos or very low- resistance atomizers, the The VapeSafe2 HD is a better choice, since it can handle more current and will have a longer life than the VapeSafe 2 Lite.

5 - How can I tell if I have a VapeSafe2 HD/Lite or a VapeSafe1?

The VapeSafe2 HD and the VapeSafe1 use the same boards, however the VapeSafe2 HD uses a much more sophisticated fuse. The VapeSafe1 fuse is white, while the VapeSafe2 HD fuse is black and has the marking "-T" on it. Figure 2 shows an illustration of both devices highlighting the difference.

6 - How often will I have to replace the VapeSafe2 HD/Lite?

The amount of use you get out of the VapeSafe2 HD/Lite will depend on how often you trip it, and when its tripped, how much current was passed through the device. For instance, if you short 20A through the VapeSafe2 HD/Lite and keep the short going for several minutes, the device could be permanently damaged. We recommend you replace the VapeSafe2 Lite at least every six months, while the VapeSafe2 HS should last at least a year.

7 - What happens when VapeSafe2 HD/Lite is worn out?

When the VapeSafe2 HD/Lite has become worn out (i.e. reached the maximum number of trips it can tolerate), it will become a permanent open circuit and will not allow current to flow through it. At this point the device needs to be replaced.

8- How can I test if the VapeSafe2 HD/Lite needs to be replaced?

If you have a ohmmeter handy, a VapeSafe2 HD/Lite which has become permanently damaged will measure as a very high resistance or an open circuit. If you do not have a voltmeter available, one way to test if the VapeSafe2 HD/Lite is still operational is to put it on the negative terminal of a battery (which you know to be good) and place both in your charger. If the VapeSafe2 HD/Lite is still functioning the battery should charge as normal.


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