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Taifun GT II Air

$ 174.99

The tank is now made ​​of glass and is protected by a tank cover made ​​of stainless steel.  It is possible to regulate the Liquid flow by continuously adjust the juice flow control. The air supply is from the outside by turning the AFC ring adjustable and allows a very easy migration behavior by its total of 17 holes on the base.

An Adjustment of draft by PTFE air tube is no longer necessary.

Furthermore, remains by its lowered evaporator chamber fitting a new winding a breeze,  since one thereby obtains access to the terminal screws without problems. Refilling can be mastered by its design very easily and in a few seconds.

GT II & II GT Air - Manual

  •  compl. stainless steel (tank section real glass)
  •  no soldering
  •  Plus - pole set (no contact problems)  
  •  Train-resistance regulation: by turning the AFC-ring from the outside.
  •  Air control by AFC Ring (Air Flow Control) from the outside

Dimensions without mouthpiece:
Height: 57mm
Diameter: 23mm


  1. Complete evaporators (stainless steel, real glass)
  2. 1 x DripTip (mouthpiece) Monster (stainless steel)
  3. 1 x seal rings
  4. 1 x PTFE tubes (for additional Zugregulierung from 3mm to 2mm).
  5. 1 x verification statement in the form of a business card
  6. 1 x wooden gift 


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