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SQuape X[dripper] Full Set

$ 139.99

The SQuape X[dripper] has been designed for great flavor as well as ease of building and use. The new deck XDr offers an enormous amount of space and has been specially adapted to the needs of dripping. It can be used as single or dual coil and the AFC is completely open draw which can be adjusted down to MTL.

The 3-mode lock of the SQuape X[dream] and X[s] has been converted into a 2-mode lock in the top cap so you can lock the top cap completely without worry it will come off. Dripping is simple either through the mouthpiece or directly on your wick due to the ease of use in the quick removal and locking top cap mechanism.


  • New XDr deck with larger wick placement area
  • Airflow suitable for both DL (1.6mm/2mm) and MTL (open slot)
  • Single or dual coil capable
  • Cooling fins on the top cap for a pleasant temperature
  • 2-mode top cap lock
  • Small chamber creates an excellent clear taste
  • Fully cross-compatible with the SQuape X[dream] and X[s].
  • 100% Swiss Made

Kit Contents

  • Fully assembled SQuape X[dripper]
  • Spares kit
  • Slotted screwdriver

Dimensions (approx)

  • Height: 40mm including SQuipTip XDr
  • Height: 29mm without SQuipTip XDr
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Weight: 50.5gr
  • SQuipTip bore: 8.5mm

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