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Shocker (Energy)-VapeL1FE

Shocker (Energy)

Shocker, an intensely rich blend of essential amino-acids, taurine, natural caffeine extract from coffee beans and guarana and a proprietary blend that altogether perk up any e-liquid flavor and effectively stimulate productive energy and focus so you can face every day full of strength and energy.

Only 3 drops per 1 ml!

This unique unflavored blend stimulates sustained performance for your body and mind without the jitters, rush and the sugar crash of traditional “energy drinks”. Shocker contains a special blend of ingredients that are responsible for their stimulating ability to:

  • Restore mental alertness
  • Reduce tiredness and fatigue
  • Increase energy
  • Improve e-liquid pH and mouthfeel
  • Increase vapor production
  • Add body to e-liquids and enhance flavor
  • Improve concentration and focus


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