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byLeo BOD Mechanial Mod Attachement

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Stainless steel 303 telescopic body for batteries 18350 to 18650. Now in brass too. bod head from stainless steel 304L. With silver plated central pole and spring.

  • Unique design top fire button, first ever. Very convenient to use, no misfires, easy lock system.
  • Collection tank, to collect all exces liquid that might escape from your atomizer is collected and can never reach the battery tube.
  • Air flow adjustment, to help personalize your atomizer to your needs depending on your mood.
  • Telescopic body, so it fits all 18xxx type batteries. There is an extra extention part so you can fit Kick should you need to (sold separately).  
  • Unique finish. With a combination of satin matte and glossy parts. All parts that come in contact with your liquid are made of 304 Stainless Steel, led free and suitable for liquids.
  • Numbered pieces.
  • With Silver Plated central pole ans Spring for better conductivity.

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