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Hobo Drifter RDA

$ 69.99

The Hobo Customs Drifter RDA is the long anticipated new platform from one of the most revered Southern California manufacturers in our industry, presenting an RDA with unique, 3D machined angled airslots that create one of the most dynamic and effective airflow systems to date, coupled with a quad post build deck with shelf styled negatives and a 7mm deep juice well. The Drifter features 3D machined airslots that forces airflow to enter the chamber at an increased angle beneath the coil, creating a highly effective and efficient airflow system. Airflow is introduced smoothly into the chamber and underneath each coil, allowing airflow to more effectively pass over the heating element before exiting through the drip tip, minimizing wasted airflow. This effect couples with the reduced chamber to produce greater flavor. Exterior airflow measures 6mm by 2mm when fully open, and can be throttled down based on preference, with a single airflow option also integrated for single coil or single sided configurations. The build deck features a split positive post with two 2mm diameter terminals and deck milled shelf styled negative posts that provide superior stability and conductivity for securing negative leads. The juice well measures a staggering 7mm deep despite an incredibly compact base to drip tip base height of 21mm, offering one of the best size to capacity ratios in the rebuildable dripping market. The Drifter is machined out of 316 Stainless Steel, one of the most durable steels used in our industry, and integrates a triple heat fin at the top cap paired with a copper 510 connection and PEEK insulation. With the innovative and highly regarded design and machining expected out of Hobo Customs, the Drifter RDA enters the market as one of the premiere rebuildable dripping platforms manufactured in America at an amazing price point.

Product Features:
  • 22mm Diameter
  • Specially Angled Airflow Entry
    • Airflow Enters Beneath Coil
    • Provides Smooth and Effective Airflow
    • Minimizes Leaking Due to Design
    • 6mm by 2mm
    • Single Airflow Option
    • 3D Machined
  • Quad Post Build Deck
    • Split Positive Post
      • 2mm Terminals
      • Hex Keyed
    • Shelf Styled Negatives
      • Superior Connection
      • Improves Conductivity
      • Hex Keyed
    • 7mm Deep Juice Well
    • PEEK Insulator
  • 316 Stainless Steel Construction
    • Extremely Durable and Heavy Duty
  • Reduced Chamber
    • Focuses Flavor
    • Additional Recessed Top Heatsink
    • 510 Drip Tip Compatible
      • 7mm Bore Included Drip Tip
  • Copper Contact
  • Individually Serialized

Product Includes:
  • One Hobo Customs Drifter RDA and burlap sack
  • Additional O-Ring and Hex Screw Pack
  • Allen Key


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