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EUC Replacement Sleeve (Multi Tank Adapter)

This little sleeve is a little trick.  It utilized the popular EUC coil that comes with multiple options.  If you have one of the tanks below and are having a hard time finding good up to date coils; this would be the ideal situation.

This will work with

  • Anyvape Segatank
  • Anyvape Furytank
  • Amigo Donner 22
  • Amigo Riptide
  • Aspire Atlantis
  • Aspire Atlantis v2
  • Aspire Atlantis Mega
  • Aspire Triton
  • Aspire Triton 2
  • Beyond Vape Silo Beast
  • Eleaf Melo
  • Eleaf Melo 2
  • Eleaf iJust 2
  • Freemax Starre 
  • Herakles
  • Horizon Arctic
  • Ovancl Espole
  • Playboy Vixen
  • Playboy Vixen mini
  • Smokme Subverter Mini
  • SOV Eclipse
  • Tobeco Super Tank
  • Tobeco Super Tank Mini
  • Project Sub-Ohm SAUCECODE
  • Vapeston Magnus
  • Vaporesso TARGET
  • Vaporesso Gemini
  • Vaportech Morpheus
  • Vaportech Morpheus 2

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