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Cloutank M3 Dry Herb Atomizer

$ 25.99

You will need an EGO adapter or EGO pen to use this as its not 510.

The ClouTank Atomizer is built entirely on the idea that the only times you should be opening the heating chamber is to pack it with your dry herbs, or to remove the used dry herbs. The engineers at Cloupor found a way to make that dream a reality by make the mouthpiece function as both a mixer and an eject button for your dry herbs. Pushing down on the mouthpiece with the bottom coil screwed on will just move your dry herbs around allowing you to maximize the amount being vaporized. Pushing down on the mouthpiece with the bottom coil off will eject all the dry herbs from the ClouTank M3, making cleaning a very easy process. The Cloutank M3 uses the widely trusted pyrex glass tank for it’s containment system and can be used with any eGo threading.

Notable Features

  • Pushing Down the Mouthpiece Allows for Dry Herb Mixing and Ejecting (Without Having to Open the Heating Chamber)
  • Uses a Pyrex Glass Tank
  • Compatiable with Dry Herb or Concentrates
  • Cleaning is Very Easy
  • Comes With Extra Vaporizer Heads

Technical Specifications

  • Resistance – 1.2 – 1.3 Ohm
  • Threading – eGo
  • Length – 78mm
  • Diameter – 16mm


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