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VapeL1FE Relaunch of Amazing Rewards!

Maybe you knew before, maybe you didnt but now you will.  Not only do we have an ONLINE presence and an amazing point system for in store; we have decided to redo our point system online.  Previously people were double dipping (making purchases in store using those points and then doing online orders using points they had used already).  With our new system its going to be a little bit more rewarding.  Here are some of the cool features, all can be seen by going to and clicking the present in the bottom left

  • Earn 2 points per 1 dollar
  • Earn points for social media's 
  • Earn points for birthday
  • Earn an unlimited amount of points for referrals (one referral acts as if you spent 100 dollars - 50 Points) and the person you refer gets 5% off
  • Earn points for doing reviews for products (you get points for online and get mailed a coupon for a verified purchase)
  • and many many many more.

No one has lost their previous points, it is in the new system.  Keep in mind for instore points have not been affected in any way.

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