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So as you may have heard come Monday August 8th comes with some issues that will arise for most vape shops and even ours. There is plenty of information on the web regarding the new vape laws, but we figured we would sum up what will start to happen on Monday the 8th. While we do not agree with all the laws, until appeals and lawsuits have gone thru, ITS THE LAW.

  • No free samples, you cannot try liquid in the shop for free anymore.  While we know its important for you to know what you're buying, we no longer by law are allowed to let people try flavors for free. We have to charge to try flavors. The fee is going to be $2 for sampling up to 10 flavors, all proceeds will go to SFATA.  While we are open to membership fees, we are trying to figure out the easiest way for this to be achieved.
  • No children/minors allowed in store.  This has been the common practice for quite some time but we see it very often, people bringing their children in the stores.  While we agree that most people have no other choice, we cannot allow minors AT ALL in the store anymore even accompanied by a parent. We politely ask you to not bring your children in the store.
  • Carding a 100% fact.  While we have always carded people that haven't been in the store and previously created an account; we will need to see ID if you look under the age of 27.
  • Cannot setup devices for customers anymore. This is very vague at the current moment, but as we understand it is come Monday we cannot help you set up the device. We can tell you how to do it, we just cant do it.  
  • Liquids cannot be manufactured in store.  We have never done this but we know of a couple shops that make it in house.  While our liquids are created in an ISO 6 certified lab, nothing is ever created in house.  This will hurt quite a few stores that make it in house and do not allow it to steep and do not wear the proper equipment while handling nicotine. This seems like something obvious, but for quite some time this has been accepted by the community as ok; even though nicotine itself is poisonous and has certain guidelines to follow to handle.
  • Costs will go up. While we know this is unfortunate, but because of all the paperwork that has to be filed the bills will have to get paid someway.  While not just VapeL1FE liquid but every liquid on the shelf will ultimately increase in cost in the long run.  The licensing is going to be very costly and will put a couple businesses out of business. 

Any questions feel free to ask them @ 

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