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NJ Updates for Vaping Laws - We Lost Round 1!

NJ Residents Vape Laws on Vaping:
Ok guys, I am going to say this as a pre warning and an alert. I've heard of 3 shops that DO NOT card people. This is going to give them ammunition on the next hearing. Everyone should be carding and not letting minors in the store, even with parent; period. We really have to enforce this across the board. 
We lost today, which sucks; but the battle is going to get rigorous. This is the way the hearing goes down for anyone that wants to know. 
Senate Committee votes ---> Lost 5/16 in Trenton
Full Senate votes ---> No Date set as of yet
House Committee votes ---->
Full House votes ---->
We need to stick together and be vigilante with this.  Keep in mind VL will always keep you up to date, and all of our social media is easy to find
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Bill 298

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