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  • The 502 RDA by Raven's Moon and Jai Haze

    This is it. The final production version of Jai Haze and Raven's Moon. While these are very limited and only 1000 being made; its a rare gem. Unique airflow and squonk capabilities
  • The best squonk bottles ever made

    Some of the most softest squonk bottles out on the market today with extreme affordability. 7ml capacity with air release for filling with a 510 squonk refiller.
  • Affordable 810 Epoxy Resin Wide bore tips

    Beautiful wide bore resin drip designed to be compatible with the TFV8 cloud beast, TFV8 Big Baby, TFV8 X-Baby and TFV12 cloud beast king. It does not fit in the TFV8 Baby beast. This tip is thicker and of a higher quality than the stock tip included with the tanks mentioned.
  • Cleito 120 Full Epoxy Resin Caps

    Are you tired of the plain old black delrin caps that came with your cleito 120? Now you can get them in a wide range of different colors. And they have a hard time getting hot too!
  • Half Moon Handcrafted Tips

    These tips work with your favorite goon, kennedy and ijoy tornado. Multiple colors with a different design every time. No 2 tips are the same.
  • Pure Mavaton X Select USA Cotton

    If you like egyptian cotton then you are going to love this blend. This cotton is from North Carolina from Cottoman. Crisp taste with very little break in.
  • Merlin Mini 2 Post RTA

    If you are looking for the smaller side of tanks and love single coil style you are going to absolutely love this RTA
Candy King Swedish On Ice-VapeL1FE

The fish candy we all know and love with a mentho...

eFest K1 charger-VapeL1FE

The Efest Slim K1 Charger is a single bay charger...

Reds Watermelon-VapeL1FE

Vape 7 Daze brings you to a new level of deliciou...

Candy King Pink Squares-VapeL1FE

Pink squares is just like those fruity, chewy squ...

Candy King Peachy Rings-VapeL1FE

Peachy rings is a sweet peach flavor that's sweet...


Grape, Cherry and Apple? What, you cant be seriou...

  Down Low-VapeL1FE

You can't get any closer to tobacco than down low...

  Crazy Nut-VapeL1FE

Coconut Cream Pie with a touch of almond butter.


Vanilla infused sugary custard and ripe bananas


Smooth Hazelnut Infused Chocolate


This is our most popular flavor "Strellon" (forme...

Lollipop - VapeL1FE

Have you been looking for the blue raspberry loll...

Strellon Ice - VapeL1FE

You love strellon right? Then you will fall in lo...


If fruit circles, fruity rocks and fruit balls ha...

Icy Blast-VapeL1FE

You have to like menthol for this, its so cold it...

  The 502 RDA | Ravensmoon & Jai Haze Design-VapeL1FE

Well well well.  Here we are.  This is a design t...

Rain Dance-VapeL1FE

Rain Dance is a decadent treat that combines mult...

  Kryptonite Tanks 454 Big Block RDA-VapeL1FE

454 Big Block This RDA is a vertical style drippe...

Lost Recipe - VapeL1FE

Well grandma told your momma about the recipe whe...

22mm Summit Wide Bore Cap - VapeL1FE - 1

District F5VE's latest line of slam caps design...

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